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Avast web shield

Avast is an antivirus that contains several tools, one of them called Web Shield. It is part of the add-ons that this antivirus contains, and in this case, its main utility is to block the connection to malicious web pages or that can inject malware into your computer. So, Avast Web Shield is considered an extra layer for the sake of protection of the computer during online browsing.

Let’s get started with some of the features provided by the Avast Web Shield. Web scanning is the feature that provides protection during downloading a file. If the website from where you are going to download an application is not well rated or not rated, an alert message is displayed. So, this can make you easy while you download your favorite files from the internet.

HTTPS scanning is provided. It means that it easily allows access to the secured sites using an SSL certificate. If there is an SSL certificate installed in the site, the data you provide is sent in a secure way so that nobody will be able to steal the data as a middle man. If the site doesn’t have a secured certificate, the web shield scans the site.

Web Shield lets you explore the site only if it is trusted and no malware is present in the site. There is a feature of intelligent stream scanning. This feature continuously scans the files you download. The downloaded file is kept in a temporary file for the purpose of scanning. If it is free from viruses, you are allowed to access it. So, this feature can be handy.

The Web Shield blocks you from accessing the malware URLs as well. It also scans the scripts present in the site. If the scripts are malicious, they are not loaded in the site. You can also block the specific sites from opening. Also, the exclusion of scripts scanning from the specific sites can be configured. You can generate a report file using the Avast Web Shield.

The report file may be required if you are troubleshooting the issues faced in the system or program consulting with the representatives from the Avast Support. These were some of the useful features provided by the Avast Web Shield. The features are quite good but you can still not be sure on your computer can never be a victim of an online attack if you activate the Avast Web Shield.

There are thousands of new attacks discovered. The tool may not be updated so fast before the identification of the attack. The malicious script or program can get an entry to the computer if it has not yet been reported and the databases of the tools are not updated. So, your conscience plays a vital role in the protection from the new attacks while browsing online.

If you can judge whether a site is trustworthy or not and know the symptoms of the online attacks and can identify the malicious tools online, you can be secured online. Also, the tool certainly utilizes some memory while scanning online. If you have less free memory, the computer can lag and you may face some problems. These were some of the cons of the Avast Web Shield.

So, it’s upon your interest to use the Avast Web Shield. If you do not know much about how to be secured online, we highly recommend you to test this tool. If you can distinguish the malicious sites and know the basic idea of prevention, this tool may not be of much use. However, using the tool included in the Avast Security can obviously make you more secure online. Hope you found the article helpful.