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Avg driver updater vs Avast driver updater

As the name suggests, driver updater is the utility that scans all the drivers installed in the computer and checks if the new version is available or not. If the new version of the driver is available, it starts updating the outdated drivers. Both AVG and Avast are actively working on their driver updaters known as AVG driver updater and Avast driver updater.

At first, let’s discuss what are drivers and why updating the drivers is necessary. Drivers are the bridges between the hardware and the users. They control the method in which the users will be interacting with the hardware. Drivers are the means for the companies to fix the compatibility of the hardware with the operating system and to make the hardware function more efficiently, driver updates are released by the companies from time to time.

If the drivers installed are old, your computer may have the stability issues and there may not be a flexible interaction between the operating system and the hardware resulting you to face different problems while browsing the computer. So, you should always consider updating the drivers. We have tested AVG and Avast driver updater available and have tried to sort out which is a good choice between the two tools.

Both AVG and Avast have a good looking user interface packed with features. Both of them perform the job quite well. You will be able to search the outdated device drivers and in a while, all the outdated drivers are shown. Both of them have a trial version which is of not much use. You will be able to scan the outdated drivers but will not be able to update them without the purchase of the license.

AVG Driver Updater costs you $39.99 whereas Avast Driver Updater costs $49.99 for a single year subscription. They both have a good capability of instant scanning and updating the outdated drivers from a large collection of drivers. Both of the programs can check the outdated drivers from the background You can select the drivers for backup in order to restore if anything goes wrong while updating the drivers.

Both of them have similar cons. The 1st con is that only the trial version is available for free which is not of much use as said earlier. They do not display the source of the driver from where they are being updated. This is a major con as the drivers are updated but we do not know who is providing the updated drivers. Since both applications are trusted, there are very low chances of insecure sources. However, who can say that they are completely secure?

The subscription charge of the AVG Driver Updater is less than that of Avast Driver Updater. So, we recommend you to go for AVG due to the lower pricing as both of them have similar features. However, it’s upon your choice to choose between the two driver updater programs.

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