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Avg ultimate review

AVG has become one of the trusted antivirus programs and is widely used. Let’s get started with the AVG Ultimate review.

The antivirus has file shield and behavior shield. The file is scanned when you open using the file shield and the program is prevented from malicious behavior using the behavior shield. So, this feature seems really awesome and in future other antivirus programs are surely going to follow it. Also, there is a presence of web shield in the AVG Antivirus Pro for the protection during web browsing.

If there are any web attacks or any bitcoin mining sites and many other suspicious activities on the web, the web shield automatically protects the computer. Also, there is an email shield for protection while viewing the emails. If the sender sends the malicious files through email, the shield protects you from receiving such attachments. The behavior of all the modules provided can be customized easily in the program.

There is a built-in firewall in the program like other protection programs. The firewall can be used for viewing all the incoming as well as outgoing connections in the device at the real time. This is also an advantage of the AVG Ultimate. This feature is really useful for finding the exact problem in the computer in real time. The interface of the antivirus program can be easily changed.

The AVG Ultimate has an “Intelligent mode”. The module works as its name. It can decide the programs that the computer should trust. Also, you can add the new folders in the protected list using the “Strict Mode“. You need to accept the actions for the change and removal of the files in the list under this module. Also, data safe is also included making ease to store confidential files.

The files inside the module are encrypted with 256-bit AES technology. Even the security services cannot be able to access the data stored without the key for decryption. There is an antispam shield which is not installed by default in the AVG Ultimate. You need to reboot the system once you install it manually. This module helps you to filter from the spam and protects you from the phishing attacks.

There is a Do Not Disturb mode provided in the AVG Ultimate. this mode will help you to get rid of the unwanted pop-ups while using the computer. Also, the updates provided by Windows will be delayed for your convenience. Any application that runs under full-screen mode can be added in the Do Not Disturb Mode. So, the Do Not Disturb mode is very helpful.

Also, a fake website shield is present in the antivirus program. This shield saves you from entering the payment information in the fake sites and protects you from your sensitive information being exposed. Various system analysis tools like USB/DVD analysis are included. They can come in handy most of the times for the sake of protection from the malicious programs from other sources. The program can automatically scan the disks during the booting time as well.

The drawback of the AVG Ultimate is that you need to purchase the features like the password manager, VPN, and the driver updater separately. So, if you need extra features, you can consider buying them. We highly recommend you for buying the subscription of AVG Ultimate as it comes packed with many useful features which other antivirus programs fail to provide.