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Best Scanguard Review 2019

Scanguard is one of the new solutions to combat cyber threats, including malware, rootkits, viruses. A functional antivirus for quality protection with many free features is described in our ScanGuard review.

What is Scanguard?

Scanguard offers a full range of anti-virus functions designed to protect PCs and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) from viruses, malware, and online attacks. Equipped with a tuning function that optimizes the performance of your system.

According to the description, the software not only stops virus attacks but also improves the performance of your device, browsing speed and optimizes memory. There is a function of parental control and file protection. Saves personal data and browsing history using its VPN software.

The advantages of this product include:

  • Free helper features
  • Low starting package price
  • One account for all your devices

 Among the shortcomings, one can distinguish such qualities as:

  • There is no free trial.
  • Collects and stores your data.
  • There is no anti-virus function in the iOS application

It is also alleged that it frees up memory from duplicate files and other content that takes up unnecessary space.

Is Everything so Attractive?

So, according to its creators, this is the best antivirus and computer protection tool on the market. He has almost the best qualities. For example, the program works as an antivirus and detects malware.

Even surprisingly, this application is offered for free, but we doubt that such a supposedly useful program can be offered for free.

However, not everything is as good as it sounds: ScanGuard is not a serious tool. Many users who have tried this software report that the program only works after paying and providing access data to the email address. They also said that this security tool displayed false positives and constantly tried to convince users to purchase the full version of ScanGuard.

This equates the program to fake utilities, such as PCBooster, which are always trying to convince users that they are necessary, so they must be paid.

ScanGuard misleads people by posing as a serious security product, but this is just a scam, and we strongly recommend that you not download and install this program from SS Protect Ltd. from. Most products of this company are considered unsafe and doubtful.

Final verdict

The developers claim that Scanguard can do almost everything: remove and neutralize viruses, clean up disk space, destroy copies of files, recognize all types of threats. But here is one question: if this software is so effective, why is there no information about this in independent laboratories? And why is it offered for free?

Scanguard is just hiding behind a useful utility. Immediately after installation, it forces the user to download the official version and requires data. It follows that this utility is nothing but malware.

Never download software that you do not know and that is developed by developers that you have never heard of. If you encounter such an application, you should check their reputation on the Internet. Also, you should pay great attention to the installation process. Run them in advanced / user-controlled mode so that the selected program does not install unknown content without your knowledge.