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How to install and uninstall Avast

Avast is an antivirus program available for the operating systems like Windows, Android, Mac but not iOS. Avast provides a free trial of 30 days. So, you may want to get benefitted by the free protection for 30 days and uninstall it later. Here, is a step by step guide on how to install and uninstall Avast for windows in 2019. Hope you will find it useful.

How to install Avast

Go to the official website of Avast clicking the link below.

Click on the orange button indicating free download.

In some seconds, the download will be started.

After the download is complete, open the installer by clicking the downloaded file.

Click on yes when there is a prompt and then click on install.

You need to click the continue button for two times.

Finally, the installation of the Avast Security is complete.

Hope you found the installation process of the Avast as smooth as honey. The interface of the program is really great and the animations are very smooth.

Now, you may have a will to remove the antivirus after enjoying the trial version or may want to uninstall due to other reasons. If so, follow the step by step instructions provided below for the uninstallation process of the Avast Security.

First Method on how to uninstall Avast

Remove avast completely with AvastClear

The fastest way to eliminate Avast from your computer is by using the Avastclear tool, developed by the company itself to support all those users who have not been able to successfully uninstall Avast, follow these steps:

Download Avastclear clicking the link below.

Restart your Windows computer in safe mode.

Run Avastclear.

Select the folder where you installed Avast.

Click on “Remove “.

Note: Make sure you select the folder where the Avast antivirus is installed because if you select another by mistake, you will erase everything inside the folder.

Use windows to uninstall Avast

Another way to uninstall Avast is by using the Windows assistant, to do this, follow these steps that we put you below:

Click on the “Start ” menu of Windows and then enter “This Pc” or “Control Panel”.

Inside the “This PC” or “Control Panel” folder click on the “Uninstall or change a program” tab.

Search for ” Avast Free Antivirus ” in the list of programs.

Select ” Avast Free Antivirus ” from the list and right click on it selecting ” Uninstall “.

In the warning that opens from Avast, click on “Uninstall “.

Remember that to remove Avast from your Windows computer, the best way is the first, making use of Avast Clear, the official tool of Avast, which avoids all common problems when performing a complete uninstall of the antivirus.

Hope you became clear on how to install as well as uninstall Avast completely from your computer. If you liked the antivirus, we suggest you in paying for the license of the antivirus instead of uninstalling it. However, if you found a better option, you can go for other programs available.