How to Pick the Art News Website to Follow?

The best way to keep one’s hand on the pulse and know all about new artists, artworks, etc. is to follow some reputable art sites. They cover the most relevant content and bring tons of useful information to users with a single click of a button. If you are looking for an art website, this list is sure to come in handy. The sites you’ll see below offer reviews to the museums, galleries, artists, etc. They set the trends and cover the most important art events. 

Top 5 sites you can trust with getting art news

  1. Artnews is the oldest and very popular art magazine. People from over 124 countries read it both in print and online.  The digital version has everything conveniently places together: art, artists’ interviews, event announcements & coverage, etc. Here you’ll learn about Cheim and Read. It’s a world-renowned gallery that represents contemporary artists internationally. The site covers most art galleries worth your attention. Lots of well-known artists and critics have contributed to this magazine to bring high-quality content to all the readers.
  2. Frieze is another excellent choice. Modern writers, artists, and curators publish their essays and columns there. The website has a very high reputation among art lovers and professionals. There is also a printed magazine that comes out eight times per year. The online magazine, on the other hand, now covers all art-related stories and shares critical reviews of museums and exhibitions from all around the world.
  3. Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art is a great solution for those who like to explore new artists and artwork. The site helps hundreds of artists to start their careers. Over 300 writers published their critics and essays here. It’s one of the leading international sources for art news. It stands out with the YouTube channel. The latter has exclusive documentaries about contemporary art. 
  4. Another very old magazine is Art in America. It’s over a hundred years old. Art in America has both printed and digital editions. There is a calendar of events, auction information, and even live coverage of some art events. They also have the most important news and trends, galleries’ reviews, featured artists, the coverage of art events, etc. 
  5. Artspace has a page dedicated to the online magazine. Other than that, it’s a marketplace that aims to bring art closer to people. Many collectors and art lovers find extraordinary and beautiful artwork for their homes and collections here. The online magazine has some posts on helping visitors pick the art, things to pay attention to, etc. It proudly advertises its cooperation with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Andy Warhol Museum, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, etc.

Bottom line

Many sites offer art news. It’s hard to keep track when you are just surfing around the Internet. In case these top five websites don’t suit you, it’s worth trying Artfag City, Artforum, The Art Newspaper, and other sites. Even some galleries and museums have dedicated websites and blogs. Just subscribe to the newsletter and regularly get the scoop in your email. They are sure to expand the knowledge about art and possibly inspire to create as well.