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Why Dog Kennel Better Than a Dog House

Before taking a dog, people think what is the best way to keep it: in an aviary or booth? Most of them are limited to a booth and a chain, while others confidently build an aviary. What is better: the heavy-duty outdoor dog kennel or a dog house?

The aviary has such advantages as a large space and the ability to run without a chain. It does not limit the dog’s movements, its paws do not get mixed up in leashes, and it is not possible to die from an accident (suffocation by a collar).

What are the Good Booths?

Booths are only good because they occupy a minimum of territory. Any normal person will sacrifice this territory to ensure a normal life for the dog, and not spoil its health on the chain.

In the enclosure, a dog-sized house must necessarily stand, so that there you can safely take refuge from the cold or rain. An enclosure must be built, only taking into account the necessary rules, so that it becomes a safe place, both for the dog and the people around him. An aviary should be built from 10 meters in length and 3 meters in width. Here you can put a couple of dogs or a bitch with puppies.

The floor is poured with concrete, and a wooden coating is laid on top. To drain dirt and waste products, it is necessary to make the floor at an angle. One of the walls should be in the form of a lattice. It is better to use pipes that are well welded together. For other walls, you can use any improvised material.

Pay Attention to the Size

When choosing the size of an aviary, you need to draw its plan in advance. Consider where the bowls and the booth will stand, where the door will be. So it will be much more convenient to equip the aviary, and then change something in it. The door should have several bolts in case of damage to one of them. Periodically, they need to be repaired and replaced with new ones. The booth should be made of conifer.

Before populating the dog, it is necessary to make a warm litter in the booth, to process the aviary in case of ticks. In the modern world, some drugs do not let insects pass even to the site. Next, it is necessary to do the replacement of litter and general cleaning of the enclosure using disinfectants.

Of course, if the dog lives in an aviary, it does not mean that you need to exclude the walk altogether. She needs movement constantly, and she needs to set aside time at least a couple of times a day, if it doesn’t work out, then once a week. Also, the dog should eat well, move, so as not to lie down and not earn health problems.