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Why Scanguard is a scam

Scanguard is a new program available for Windows. It claims to be a tool to optimize the performance of the computer by boosting the system, providing security and removing malicious programs, viruses from the computer. Many users have reported various negative aspects of the program. We have found that the program comes bundled with other programs downloaded online and the users do not even know that the program is installed. Let’s emphasize on why ScanGuard is a scam.

If you land to the download page of the ScanGuard AntiVirus, we will not see the pricing clearly written. You have to navigate to the footer where you see the pricing in the small linked text. We thought of saying you the thing because many users think that this is a free antivirus available and there is no charge of using the antivirus.

The antivirus is free until it scans the computer for reports, generally which are fake reports so that users pay for solving the problem. Most of the times, the users face that they will not see any task done even after the purchase of the program. Their credit card details are sent to the developers. Money is spent and the security is also at risk.

We found the above report from the sites that posted about this scam a year ago. In 2019, still, the program is a scam. The program claims to provide the security for free but never believe the fake advertisement as explained above. It is not a program certified by BBB.org. BBB stands for the Better Business Bureau. So, we cannot trust the developers of ScanGuard.

ScanGuard is also not verified as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Also, McAfee Secure has not certified the ScanGuard program. So, there are strong reasons to support that you should never trust the application ScanGuard and never give the payment credentials in the application. If anything wrong goes or the company shuts down, you are not going to be refunded.

Also, it is never sure whether the program does the job well or not. Instead of paying $59.95 per year for the ultimate ScanGuard Antivirus, you can go for the well recognized and popular antivirus programs that have a huge trust among the millions of users worldwide. Windows says that Defender is enough to handle all the security in the Windows platform which is great.

Still, if you are willing to pay thinking that you will get better security, which may or may not be true in real life, go for the trusted and most used antivirus programs like Kaspersky, Avast, AVG, and so many other options are available for choosing. Always make a habit of finding whether the security program is trustworthy or not. This should be considered as the main point.

What is the use of the security program if the program itself is not secure? What can the users expect from the program? Doesn’t it sound irony? SafeGuard is exactly the same. We never encourage our readers to go for this fake advertised program for the sake of commission. If you are seeing a positive review, think that the blog is in affiliate marketing.

So, hope you knew the reasons for why SafeGuard is a scam and the reasons to be away from it.